Marine Board Uses

Plywood and plywood boards has a lot of uses in building and construction. However, they get easily damaged by water. If you want a board that you can use in high moisture, humid and wet conditions, then you need a marine board.

Marine plywood is made in the same way as just any other form of plywood or board in the market. It is made by joining thin layers of wood together and then sealing them with a binder.

There are two differences however between marine boards and normal boards. First, they have twice as many layers of wood as normal boards to ensure strength and reduced deformities. Secondly, the binder used in marine boards is waterproof and formulated for submersion.

Marine boards are designed with waterproof technology that enables them to be used in wet conditions. Their uses therefore are wide and include;

  • Marine boards are used for boat and ship making.
  • Marine boards are used for outdoor furniture like park benches and many others. They can withstand the weather elements and last for long.
  • They are used for lake or ocean platforms and rails. These platforms are great for spending above a lake and just enjoying the view or fish.
  • Do you want to build an outdoor wooden deck? Well the answer for you is marine boards. They are strong to carry heavy people and can withstand the elements giving you a beautiful deck for long.

Generally, marine boards are best suited for external use and for internal uses where the board are exposed to lots of moisture or wetness like in the kitchen or bathrooms.

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