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We are one of the leading suppliers of marine boards in Kenya.We are on a mission to provide our clients with quality engineered wood products to meet all their needs.

Through this online platform we serve the entire country which has made it easier for us to reach a wider audience and fulfill the needs of many people. To ensure you get what you are looking for we maintain a portfolio with a lot of variety to choose from. We only stock high quality marine plywood from top manufacturers.

Marine board price in Kenya

Brand Size Thickness Price(KSH)
Thrive 8ft x 4ft 18mm Ksh 2,550
Tywood 8ft x 4ft 18mm Ksh 2,500
Magnetplex 8ft x 4ft 18mm Ksh 2,550
Bornwood 8ft x 4ft 18mm Ksh 2,750

Discounts available depending on order quantity

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Marine Board Price in Kenya

Marine boards also known as marine plywood, is a quality plywood made from tropical hardwoods without defects and joined using phenolic glue to make it waterproof. The name "marine" is derived from the fact that these type of boards are made for marine use and in wet or humid conditions where normal plywood cannot be used.

Marine boards are more durable, waterproof and stronger so they can hold more weight than normal boards. Due to these properties they are used mostly in yachts, trucks, ships, outdoor buildings, outdoor storage, boats and docks among other structures that need to weather the elements.

Benefits of using marine boards for construction

Besides being able to withstand harsh environmental conditions, there are many other benefits that come with use of marine boards for construction. Here are some of those benefits;


Marine boards are stronger than your typical plywood boards. This is because they have more layers joined together. It is also due to the fact that they are joined together using high-quality waterproof glue which adds to the strength of the boards.

To ensure the board can carry more weight, the wood used has negligible core gap which ensures the glue bond with the wood is strong. Further, marine boards do not easily trap water which reduces their chances of vulnerability ensuring stability and strength all through.


Marine boards are more durable as compared to traditional plywood. More so, the marine plywood is great for use in areas vulnerable to a lot of water, moisture or high humidity. These are the elements that cause quick damage to traditional plywood.

Marine boards are more durable because of three things. First, the core of the boards are made of tropical hardwoods that do not have any defects. Hardwoods last longer than softwoods and are stronger. Secondly, the marine boards have more layers than traditional plywood. Usually, they have five layers as compared to the three in the common plywood.

Finally, another factor that boosts the durability of marine boards is the external waterproof layering and the waterproof glue used to put the pieces of wood together. Expect structures used made using marine boards to last much longer and maintain their appeal for long.


Marine boards are safe for, not only in outdoor situations but also indoors. Marine boards are manufactured to meet the BS 1088 specification. BS 1088 is a British Standard for marine boards which indicates the plywood is made using tropical hardwood veneers that are joined using weather boil proof glue for the best outcome.

High quality marine plywood is one that is made to meet those standards, regardless of where it is manufactured. Marine plywood made to these standards is safe for use in areas where people are walking on like docks, on ships and boats. It doesn't cause a safety hazard when used and can even offer protection from debris and other materials.


Plywood comes in different grades of quality usually graded from A to D, with the former being the highest level of quality. As such, you can get different levels of quality for different uses and at different price points depending on what you are doing.

Marine boards are always A or B grade quality meaning that you get better aesthetics and the wood remains in good conditions for long, even under harsh conditions. However, A grade marine boards are better than B grade marine boards.

Ensure you buy the real marine boards

If you are in the market for marine boards, then you need to be sure that you have bought the real high quality boards that will last under the harsh conditions where marine boards should be used. Thus, you should buy your marine boards from a trusted supplier that stocks tested products.

There are some suppliers that sell other types of plywood and pass them off as marine board. After a while, you will notice the marine boards giving in just like normal plywood would. Avoid falling for such scams by buying from us.

We are a trusted supplier of marine boards manufactured to meet the recommended BS 1088 Standards for marine boards. We sell the real product that can withstand use under harsh conditions.